Syracuse CoWorks Est. 2012

The Only Non-Profit CoWorking Space in Syracuse!

Syracuse CoWorks is the only coworking space in Syracuse built by and for coworkers, run by a board of our members.

Features we’re hoping to roll out at our new location

Flexible Workstations

Choose to work from a standing or sitting handmade desk paired with a high quality Herman Miller desk chair, couch, or even a rocking chair or reserve a desk so you know you will be able to work from the same spot every day!

Membership Directory

Members are showcased in our membership directory where you can promote your company. Many companies in Syracuse look for talent in our directory.

Recording Booth

We no longer have a stand-alone recording booth but the new space does have some rooms with great acoustics – we’ll just need time to get them fixed up for member use.

Event Spaces

Members have access to our event spaces. Standard members (and above) can reserve them for specific dates and times.

Member-Only Events

We’re working on rebuilding our calendar of events to help our members and the community meet both business networking and social needs!

Flexible Hours

We are currently making arrangements to figure out what our new hours will be – the best way to make sure our new hours meet your needs is to reach out and tell us what you need!

Free WiFi

Free high-speed (100mbps) WiFi is available throughout our space.

Free Coffee & Snacks

Our members enjoy free snacks, tea, and coffee.

Queer Friendly Space

This space is an explicitly queer-friendly space.

Below are our new plans

We are still working out some details so if you have needs that our current plan offerings don't meet, let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do!

If you have already toured the new space and are ready to sign up,
you can create and manage your membership on Nexudus using the button below.


Max Matthews

“The environment is incredible, the community is even better, and the coffee is superb! Membership is very affordable, I highly encourage you to check out the spot and take a tour.”

Caleb Sayers

“A beautiful spot- Great for getting a start-up off the ground. Also, a great location for meetings and presentations”

Subhanir Chitnis

“Awesome co-works space in Syracuse with recording both, conference rooms, many tables, coffee, snacks, and local Makerspace in the building.”

Want to Try Syracuse CoWorks?