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Past Try Day Tasks!

April 3rd – Making Pasta from Scratch

April 10th – Create a Meme

April 17th – Organize or Reorganize a room in your house….  Well we got one room submitted but also the Board has been busy sprucing up the space, too!

April 24th – Bread Baking!

May 1st  – Photo Tourism

Upcoming Tasks to Try!

May 29th - Family Photo!

Get the whole quarantine group together (pets, babies, roommates, the whole gang, or even just you!) and stage a photo! Go formal, or go funny! You do you!

June 5th - Go on a Picnic

The weather MUST be nice by now, right?

Find a park or even just in your own back yard, pack a picnic and get out of the house!

If you’ve never gone on a picnic before, here’s a primer!

June 12 - Decorate a Cake

Whether you make the cake from scratch or use a box mix, this is all about the decorating!

Even if you have professional cake decorating tools, leave those in the drawer (or more likely the back of a cabinet or even in the garage depending on how long it has been since you used them). Try decorating without using any fancy tools!

Whether you buy frosting at the store or make it yourself, this is all about appearances!

Here’s a guide for ways to decorate a cake without tools, and here’s a post about ways to decorate a cake without using frosting at all!

There are tons of YouTube videos and other articles at there with ideas, get creative!

June 19th - Make an instructional Animated GIF

Using either an iPhone or an Android (or a computer program if you want), make an instructional animated GIF. It can be instructions for ANYTHING! How to make a bed, change your oil, plant a seed, trim a cat’s paws, mix a drink, whatever you want!

If you’ve never made an animated GIF before:

Guide for How to make a GIF from video with GIFDroid.

Guide for How to make a GIF from photos on a Droid.

Video for How to make a GIF on your iPhone